High Tension Wire

from by Daisycutter

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A protest song. There are three "ghosts of Joe": Joe Hill, Joe McCarthy, Joe Strummer.


High Tension Wire - Sara Milonovich (ASCAP)

I’m a high-tension wire, tinder waiting for the fire

Bite the bullet; bite my tongue, tired of preaching to the choir

Unrest up in the atmosphere even though the sky is moonshine clear

Couldn’t save the forest for the trees- now we’re staring at the underside of leaves

There's a hot breeze coming through the cracks

Rattling the rags of the banners of the past

Why are we still standing, looking down?

Look around

You drew your lines on pieces of printed paper

Faces of politicians, idols and pontificators

Singing “Praise the Lord”, and pass the blame to another generation

Playing possum, but the game’s up- you’ve run out of road it’s time to stop and listen

There's a hot breeze coming through the cracks

Can’t help but feel the ghost of Joe breathing down our backs

The rotten fruit, the bitter truth has hit the ground

Look around

Shadow of a feathered thing slowly disappearing

Slinking round the corner of this season of affliction

I see you from the shores of this busted river city

Sprawled out on the bank like a long-dead corpse someone forgot to bury

Enjoy your view of revolution from a safe, televised distance

Think it’s time we stop straddling and start cutting fences

There's a hot breeze coming through the cracks

Looking for a chance to take a little of it back

Shatter all our silence into sound

Look around


from Waiting For the Stars, released October 1, 2016



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